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The 12'6 x 29" x 4.7" Pro is a touring board designed for the lighter, shorter paddler. This design technology is at the forefront in innovation with Gladiator paddleboards proudly being one of the few brands paving the way for all riders, including those shorter and lighter, to have a touring board that is the perfect volume in choppy water and windy days as well as all other riding conditions. The high-density material and glueing technology allows Gladiator to offer a 4.7" dropstitch in the longer touring board shapes, which allow the lighter, shorter rider to have a stiff board but at this new lower volume, meaning the lighter, shorter rider will never again have to suffer with over volume that is created by a 6" thick touring board. Gladiator has yet again challenged technology as well as budget and have brought this technology in at an affordable price so EVERY rider can afford the best.

The Gladiator Pro range of inflatable paddleboards are made from high-density double laminated fusion dropstitch material, with the ability to reach 26psi it ensures a stiff board for an exceptional paddling experience. Features include front, rear and centre carrying handles for easy transportation and bungee tie-downs for carrying kit. The Gladiator Pro is reinforced with a Triple Xstrong rail which adds to the ‘solid’ board feel. Thanks to its design and manufacturing method the narrow super-strong edge becomes an integral part of the SUP board, as a result, the board offers even more rigidity, glide and performance.

Længde: 12'6 / 384cm

Bredde: 29″ / 73,66cm 

Tykkelse: 4.7" / 12cm

Vægt: 10kg

Konstruktion: Double layer Fusion - mindre lim = lavere vægt

Finne sæt up: 1 center finne - race/touring - montering uden værktøj center 

Max anbefalet person: Op til 85kg

Max anbefalet belastning: Op til 180kg

Volume: 330L

Max tryk: 26PSI

Leash: Gladiator Coiled leash

Taske: Gladiator trolley taske på hjul

Pumpe: Gladiator Pro Super dobbelt action pumpe med ekstra cylinder 

Type: Fart, Touring og træning

Ekstra: Rep kit, lim, lapper og ventil nøgle

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