Gladiator Elite 14' x 30"

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If you grew out of the ordinary touring board and want to move on and achieve better results, try the new sports SUP board Gladiator Elite 14’0 T. This premium model with a maximum possible set of accessories and equipment will be a pleasant surprise to someone who likes going fast. Size matters – there is a huge difference between 12'6 and 14'0. You will be able to feel the speed, to develop your sense of balance, to improve your skills and to gain new experiences. And maybe this new racing board of ours will inspire you to train seriously and to achieve great success in sports.

Betalings Muligheder

Gladiator Elite 14’0 T is made from innovative high-tech materials. To make this SUP board we used a double-layer PVC joined using the lamination method on a durable textile base with a density of 1000 den. Due to special base weaving structure, this SUP board ended up amazingly light and at the same time durable and resistant to mechanical damage. We added to it a double reinforced edging made using the innovative Xstrong edge technology. Its construction and method of fastening provide a cast-in board effect, the edging forms a single whole with it. Great rigidity, small weight, maneuverability and impressive speed characteristics of the model are complemented by its extensive set of accessories and equipment.

SUP Gladiator Elite 14’0 T is supplied with a stylish and capacious roller bag, a collapsible carbonic oar, a comfortable leash, an Italian double displacement pump equipped with a manometer, and a repair kit.

The quality of Gladiator SUP boards meets the most stringent international standards. To make our models we use only the best certified materials from leading manufacturers. This ensures the safety and durability of our SUP boards. Before shipment to the warehouse each SUP Board  is tested in an inflated state under maximum pressure for a day. We check the exterior of the SUP itself and all its accessories, strength of the seams, quality of gluing, performance of valves, fixation of components. All our SUP boards are covered by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.

Længde: 14.0 / 427cm

Bredde: 30” / 76,2cm

Tykkelse: 15cm / 6″

Volume liter: 360L

Vægt: 12kg

Konstruktion: Double layer Machine Weave

Finne sæt: 1 race center finne - montering uden værktøj center 

Anbefalet belastning: Op til 140kg

Max tryk: 26psi

Leash: Gladiator Pro coil ankel leash

Paddle: Gladiator Elite 3pcs full carbon

Max tryk: Gladiator Pro taske med skulderstropper og trolleyhjul

Type:  Fart, touring, træning og race

Ekstra: Rep kit, lim, lapper og ventil nøgle

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