Yster SUP Paddle Variable 3-piece Carbon Hybrid Soft-Medium Flex 103

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Yster SUP Paddle Variable 3-piece Carbon Hybrid Soft-Medium Flex 103 is a robust 3-piece SUP paddle. The thick rubber edge around the paddle blade effectively protects both the paddle itself and the rails of the SUP board. You do not have to worry about hitting shape rocks and other hard objects with your paddle. Fits in the pocket of your Yster ISUP backpack.


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  • Three-piece paddle – slides perfectly into the side pocket of Yster ISUP backpack.
  • Ergonomic 100% carbon fiber T-handle.
  • Fiberglass soft-medium flex shaft.
  • Easy length adjustment with quick clamp.
  • Anti-twist quick clamp prevents the blade from twisting in relation to the shaft when paddling.
  • Double bolt clamp for an extra secure length adjustment grip.
  • Extension piece in 100% carbon fiber with cm markings makes it easy to find your favorite length.
  • Integrated blade protection in durable rubber, which protects both the blade and SUP board.
  • Matt finish.

Længde: 93 – 228cm justerbar

Skaft: 100% letvægts glasfiber

Blad: 100% letvægts carbon

T-grip: 100% letvægts carbon

Vægt: 890g

Blad vidde: 185mm

Blad længde: 431mm

Blade vinkel:

Blad hoved: 103 in²

Justering: Clips med anti-twist hindrer at bladet drejer iforhold til skaftet når du padler.

Justerbar: Ja

Flydebar: Ja

Paddle cover: Tilkøbes

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