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Discover 12'6 is the perfect exploring board. It was designed to have more smoothness and greater longitudinal traction. With this board you can travel long distances in speed and smoothness.

Paddling is all about exploring and getting close to nature, and there’s no better board for that than the D7 12’6″ Discover. Want to discover long rivers or ocean coasts, the best for this will be D7 12’6″ Discover with all its latest materials and technologies. You can ride alone or with your kid on the front of the board, or you can carry camping gear with you, to stay and enjoy a beautiful night under the sky. D7 12’6” is very stable for riders up to 140kg’s. * HEYTrax Double Wall by German HEYtex – This technology is the most innovative technology to date, from the German manufacturer HEYtex. The innovation of this type of material is that it is a woven kind of weaving material, instead of knitted. Also, it is important to note that in this type of technology, the threads are weaved into the material at the stage of creating the material itself, rather than the separate process of tying the threads into the composite mesh, as is done in the previous Double-Wall Drop-Stitch technologies.


Længde: 12’6 / 384cm

Bredde: 32″ / 82cm

Tykkelse: 15cm / 6″

Volume liter: 335L

Vægt: 10,8kg

Finne sæt: Stor center og 2 mindre side finner, alt elastisk og i US fin box

Anbefalet belastning: Op til 140kg

Max tryk: 20PSi

Type: Ræs, touring, leg,

Ekstra: Rep kit, lim, lapper og ventil nøgle.

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